The management of parking facilities usually ranks relatively low on the responsibility and priority list of all of the areas a general manager or director oversees. Yet, the impact from parking can be relatively great as can the impact from customer service, or lack thereof. The amount of time necessary to manage all of the little tasks related to parking is just as labor intensive as all of the other areas that management is responsible for.

Let us help you focus on your customers, tenants, and guests, and let Valet Parking Service be your parking department and manage your property’s parking operation!

While our name, Valet Parking Service, implies that valet is one of the aspects of our business, we are, in fact, a full service parking management company with operations in every type of parking service: valet, attendant, attendant assist and self parking. Whether your operation is a restaurant, commercial office building, hotel or a residential complex, wherever parking is found, self or valet, we provide parking management services.

Valet Parking Service prides itself in providing the highest level of service to your guests, customers and clients. Our entire staff of co-workers, from parking attendants to executive staff, shares the same objective a total commitment to the success of your parking operation.