About us

Valet Parking Driving Services have been operating since November 2015 in Baku, with an audience of more than 100,000 active customers. We have successfully operated a variety of parking disciplines such as; Hotels, Shopping and Entertainment centers, Business centers and Special Events with intense valet demands.

Our management team consists of highly skilled parking professionals with decades of parking experience and know-how that provide “parking solutions” through sound operational protocol, creative automation through and software as well as risk management mindfulness.

Valet Parking service allows you opportunity for convenient and high-level events.

Valet Parking Driving services – As well as, Valet Parking company have sober driver service to provide for guests a healthy, safe and without penalty life!

Valet Parking – we are working for increasing the level of comfort of customers. In connection with tougher penalties for drunken drivers, this service is very relevant.

Everyone will be able to trust them easily because Valet drivers are working with insurance company “Pasha Sigorta” and offer guaranteed departure.

Our professional drivers are doing their best, so that guests will not be outside of mirth. The price for our services is very suitable to use by any driver. After all, we working not only for customers who are drunk driver as well as, for customers with health problems or who are tired of being relevant for drive

You, too, take advantage of high-quality, convenient and safe drive of the Valet Parking service.